Some of your resources can be hidden in case of an attack on your site. Bunkers are required to safely store your precious assets if your defenses should fail.
Build minefields to protect you site against enemy attacks but keep in mind that they don't affect enemies attacking by air.
While under attack Defense Turrets will help you protect your site. Efficient against all enemy units.
This module lets you build air combat and transport units
This module lets you build combat and transport vehicles.
The heart of your site. The level of the command center limits the total amount of buildings in the site. Keep it upgraded!
The Logistics Center unlocks resource trading with other players. Shipment size depends on the module level and available transport units.
Crystal mines will supply you with this crucial resource.
No iron no fun, always be on the lookout for new mines and increase your steel production.
Increase your oil production as consumption grows
Supply Depots are required to store your resources. If they are full, production will halt. Make sure that never happens!
Always in search for new resources, you never know what you may find.
This module is required to commence artefact research. Artefacts are needed to assemble combat units.
Habitat modules limit the size of your army. The more you build the larger army can be stationed at your site.
This module speeds up the construction process of your buildings. This is also where you create your combat and transport unit profiles.
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